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HuntzMagic ShopWorldz & LandzMerchantFeatured

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An AI NFT-Art Project on the Tezos blockchain with utilities for owners

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3 different Huntz Classes




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Fight for Tezos & NFTs

Join the Huntz Discord server to participate in Huntz Battles and fight for different rewards.

Collect rare items

In the Magic Shop you can find items with different properties that can be activated. Summon Huntz by activating Huntz chests.

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Monthly artwork airdrop

All Huntz holders receive a monthly artwork airdrop. Fully automatic, you don't have to do anything for it, just own a Huntz.

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Own Worldz & Landz

Get additional benefits by holding at least one Huntz in combination with Worldz & Landz.

Worldz & Landz

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©2022 - Huntz. All rights reserved.