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Burn Event
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All information is preliminary until the burn event starts. Subject to change without notice.

The Huntz burn event starts a new chapter for the whole Huntz project.

Better art, more utility, built-in rarity levels and a revamped battle system are just the beginning.

You can participate in the Huntz burn event and get a new Huntz NFT by burning certain old Huntz NFTs.

Which Huntz NFTs are qualified for the Burn Event?

A total of 300 Huntz NFTs are qualified for the Huntz burn event. You need at least 2 Huntz NFTs and the "Book of Fusion" to participate.

The following NFTs are qualified:
• All Huntz (Assassin, Paladin, Mage)| Link
• All Huntz Chests (Paladin Chest, Mage Chest) | Link

How it works?

1. Step: Burn 2 qualified Huntz NFTs of the same class + "Book of Fusion"
2. Step: Send us a short message on Twitter or Discord
3. Step: You will receive your new Huntz NFT Chest

1. Example





Book of Fusion


New Assassin Chest

2. Example



Paladin Chest


Book of Fusion


New Paladin Chest

3. Example

Mage Chest


Mage Chest


Book of Fusion


New Mage Chest

You can collect the required NFTs here:

Huntz Collection

Chest Collection

Book of Fusion

About the new HUNTZ Chests

There will be a total of 150 new chests with DROP RATES, divided into 3 classes:
• 50 x Assassin Chest
• 50 x Paladin Chest
• 50 x Mage Chest

You can burn a chest to summon a new Huntz of the respective class.

About the new HUNTZ Rarities

The new Huntz will have rarities for the first time.

Rarity is expressed in Huntz as rarity score, with a maximum of 100 points. The more points your Huntz has, the rarer it is.

The rarity score results from 2 factors:
• Artwork Rarity
• Base color Rarity

Artwork Rarity
There are 4 different levels:

Common (40%)

Rare (30%)

Epic (20%)

Legendary (10%)

















Common (40%)

Rare (30%)

Epic (20%)

Legendary (10%)

Base color Rarity
There are 6 different levels:

Grey (30%)

Green (18%)

Blue (16%)

Red (14%)

Purple (12%)

Gold (10%)

Note: Your Huntz can also have several colors. However, one color is always used as the base color.


RS = Rarity Score

1% (100 RS)
Legendary / Gold

1,2% (83 RS)
Legendary / Purple

1,4% (71 RS)
Legendary / Red

1,6% (63 RS)
Legendary / Blue

1,8% (56 RS)
Legendary / Green

2,0% (50 RS)
Epic / Gold

2,4% (42 RS)
Epic / Purple

2,8% (36 RS)
Epic / Red

3,0% (33 RS)
Rare / Gold

3,0% (33 RS)
Legendary / Grey

3,2% (31 RS)
Epic / Blue

3,6% (28 RS)
Epic / Green

3,6% (28 RS)
Rare / Purple

4,0% (25 RS)
Common / Gold

4,2% (24 RS)
Rare / Red

4,8% (21 RS)
Common / Purple

4,8% (21 RS)
Rare / Blue

5,4% (19 RS)
Rare / Green

5,6% (18 RS)
Common / Red

6,0% (17 RS)
Epic / Grey

6,4% (16 RS)
Common / Blue

7,2% (14 RS)
Common / Green

9,0% (11 RS)
Rare / Grey

12,0% (8 RS)
Common / Grey

About the "Book of Fusion"

The "Book of Fusion" is needed to achieve a fusion of your burned Huntz and create a new Huntz NFT.

A total of 150 books will be minted, as a maximum of 150 fusions are possible.

There are 2 ways to get the "Book of Fusion"

1. Airdrop: All Huntz holders who also hold a Worldz will receive 1 "Book of Fusion".

2. Purchase: The remaining books will be available for sale in the Magic Shop at a cost of 5 Tezos

Will the rarity level of your Huntz have an advantage?

It is planned to give your Huntz an advantage in the Huntz Battles depending on the rarity score.

For example, the rarity score of 100 could give your Huntz 100% bonus votes in the voting Battles. Rarity score 83 then for example 83% bonus votes.

HuntzMagic ShopMerchantWorldz & LandzFeatured



Hello my friend I am Batos the Huntz Merchant. I heard that you want to go hunting. Better take some useful items with you. Exchange Amulets of Creation for rare items.My deal can change at any time.


10 x Amulet of Creation

You get the Amulet of Creation every time you collect a Huntz NFT from the primary market (auctions included).

Exchange Amulets of Creation for special items.

1 x Paladin Chest

Activate the Paladin Chest to spawn a random Huntz from the Paladin Class.

Activation: Send us "Open Chest" via Twitter or use the "Open Chest" channel on discord.

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